MusicFEST 2018 Facebook Live Cast Schedule

Start times may vary depending on changes during the live event.

Saturday April 22

11:00-11:20am – Collective Hallucinations (Funk & R&B)

12:00-12:50pm – Nobody's Fool (Country) - Full Show

12:50-1:00 – Westbury Christian HS Choir

1:30-1:50pm – Recollections (Texas Blues)

2:30-2:50pm – The Classix (Classic Rock)

3:20-3:50pm – Ronnie Coleman & Merlot Music (R&B)

4:30-4:50pm – Joe Carmouche Band (Blues, R&B)

5:30-5:50pm – Mark Dini Band (Contemporary Jazz)

6:30-6:50pm – Pat Williams Group (R&B, Contemporary)

6:50-7:00pm – Westbury HS Dancers

7:00-7:30pm – Sancho & the Lovetones (Latin Pop/Rock)

8:00-8:50pm – Kyle Turner Band (Jazz) - Full Show

Sunday, April 22nd

11:30-11:50am – Steve Gilbert Band (Blues)

12:30-12:50pm – Charlie Perez & Lois (Latin)

1:30-1:50pm – Dana Jackson Band (R&B)

2:00-2:30pm – Son 7 (Latin Pop)

3:30-3:50pm – TKOH (R&B, Pop, Funk)

3:50-4:00 Westbury HS Electric Mariachis

4:30-4:50pm – Presidents (Reggae)

5:30-5:50pm – David Caceres Band (Pop/Jazz Vocals)

6:00-6:50pm – Mark Towns Latin Jazz Band (Latin Jazz) - Full Show

6:50-7:00 – Dulles HS Sophisticated Moments

7:00-7:50pm – Luther and the Healers (Blues) - Full Show