MusicFEST 2017 Lineup Announced

The MusicFEST 2017 lineup of pro bands and student school band has been finalized and announced. This year's lineup consists of 16 pro bands/performers and 7 student school bands covering a wide spectrum of music genres from Contemporary Jazz to Classic Rock, from Latin Big Band to Blues and R&B! Join us for another 2 days of fabulous music totally FREE at the Willow Waterhole MusicFEST 2017.

2017 Willow Waterhole Music Festival

Saturday April 22nd

  1. The Recollections (Texas Rock, Blues) (11:00-11:50am)
  2. Runaway Radio (Rock, Blues) (12:00-12:50pm)
  3. Crocro y su Tambaka (Latin Big Band) (1:00-1:50pm)
  4. Pat Williams Group (Jazz Fusion) (2:00-2:50pm)
  5. Charlie Perez's Latin Caravan (Carribean) (3:00-3:50pm)
  6. Conrad Johnson Big Band (Blues & Jazz) (4:00-4:50pm)
  7. Mark Dini Band (Contemporary Jazz/Classics) (5:00-5:50pm)
  8. The Classix (Classic Rock) (6:00-6:50pm)
  9. Soul Dig (Soul & Funk) (7:00-7:50pm)
  10. Kyle Turner Band (Smooth Jazz) (8:00-8:50pm)

Sunday April 23rd

  1. TKOH (ClassicRock, Pop, Funk) (2:00-2:50pm)
  2. Jelando Johnson and the Movement (R&B, Smooth Jazz) (3:00-3:50pm)
  3. La Tribu (Cuban) (4:00-4:50pm)
  4. Joe Carmouche (Blues, R&B, Jazz) (5:00-5:50pm)
  5. Luther and the Healers (Blues) (6:00-6:50pm)
  6. Diunna Greenleaf (Blues) (7:00-7:50pm)

Student Performers Sunday April 23rd

  1. Westbury HS Southwest Feeder Pattern Jazz Band (10:00-10:30am) (Parker EL, Meyerland MS, Westbury HS)
  2. Houston Youth Klezmer Band (10:30-11:00am)
  3. Kipp Academy Jazz Ensemble (11.00-11:30am)
  4. Summer Jazz Workshop All-Stars (11:30am-12:00pm)
  5. Pin Oak MS Stage Band (12:00-12:30pm)
  6. Emery Weiner School Rock Band (12:30-1:00pm)
  7. HSPVA Combo (1:00-1:45pm)

Click on image below to download PDF of 2017 Willow Waterhole Music Festival Performance Schedule