• City of Houston

  • Houston Parks & Recreation Department

  • Houston Parks Board

  • Harris County Flood Control District

  • Project Brays

  • Texas Parks & Wildlife

  • National Parks Service

  • Brays Bayou Association

  • Brays Oaks Management District

  • Super Neighborhood 37

  • Super Neighborhood 38

  • Westbury Civic Club

  • Westbury Area Improvement Corporation

  • SWA Group

  • Houston Audubon Society



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Featured Partners

Keep Houston Beautiful is the city's leading organization in beautification, litter reduction, and recycling education. For over 35 years, Keep Houston Beautiful has been reaching out to all segments of our community to educate and empower individuals to take greater responsibility for beautifying and enhancing Houston's environment. Every year's successes have created a cleaner and healthier city for all Houstonians. 


Just as we are a leader in the lawn and garden industry, we strive to be leaders in the communities we live and work in. Our company has added value to numerous community-based initiatives across North America and Europe. Our associates directly engage in community improvement projects.