Scouts Create New Forest at Willow Waterhole Greenway

Sara Hansen, Gian Allen, and Joshua Watson teamed up for their Gold and Eagle projects to turn a barren site at the Willow Waterhole Greenway into a forest of 31 trees (see photo).   The site is located at the northeast corner of Levitt Lake and the forest will eventually provide a natural screen from a nearby South Post Oak commercial strip center.   Sara is a member of Troop 21126 from St. Thomas More, Gian and Joshua are members of Troop 500 from Brentwood Church.

Trees for the project came from the Westbury Community Garden, they had been donated by Trees for Houston and nurtured for three years by WCG members.   Mulch for the project was donated by Keep Houston Beautiful.  The scouts were responsible for organizing workday labor, funding the purchase of tree stakes and supports, and providing lunch for participants.  The Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy provided tools and Bill Burhans, Conservation Director, served as project advisor.

The scouts designed the pattern for the trees and selected the species placement.   The trees were all natives -  sweetgum, swamp oak, cedar elm, and loblolly pine.  Their project choice reflected their desire to positively impact the environment and help beautify the community.   Sara, Gian, and Joshua would like to thank their parents, fellow troop members and scoutmasters, and the WWGC for their help in completing the project.  

Howard Sacks, past President of the WWGC and current President of Friends of Levitt Pavilion Houston, commented “we are so appreciative of Sara, Gian, and Joshua electing to complete their Gold and Eagle badges at the Greenway.   The site they selected to plant trees is close to the planned music pavilion and it will improve the visual experience of all those coming to events.   The Greenway is a more beautiful place because of their efforts.”