Eagle Scout Project Completed at Clematis Lane Entrance to the Willow Waterhole Greenway

Ben Brown is a scout with Wheeler Avenue Troop 242.  For his Eagle project, Ben completed a landscaping transformation of a traffic circle on Clematis Lane near the Varnett School.   The site is an entry point into the Willow Waterhole Greenway.    The circle was a weedy and potholed mess, on August 13th it became a beautiful xeriscape (see before and after photos below).    

Ben was responsible for project planning, fund raising, and leading fellow scouts from his troop and classmates from Strake Jesuit in completing the work.   The circle now has a large Live Oak tree surrounded by crushed granite and a boundary of moss rock boulders.   Day 1 of the project involved eliminating weeds and site leveling.   Day 2 involved planting the tree, laying weedblock fabric, spreading the crushed granite, and positioning the boulders.

Bill Burhans, Conservation Director with the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy commented, “we are so pleased Ben chose a project which benefits the Willow Waterhole Greenway, the Clematis site was badly in need of improvement.   It now provides visitors with a totally different view when approaching the entrance and also helps with the efficiency of the Varnett School carpool line.   The master plan for the Greenway designates this site as a major trailhead leading to the future Levitt Pavilion and as a parking area.   Ben’s and the troop’s efforts are highly appreciated.”    

After completion of the work Ben said. “I am happy to have taken on this challenge for my Eagle project, it was an opportunity to improve Willow Waterhole while it is in the early stages of development.   I look forward to coming to the Greenspace in the future and feel proud about the community service performed.  I would like to thank all those who helped me complete the project.”