We conserve land through outreach and restoration while offering a recreational greenspace for Houston

Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve (Willow Waterhole Park), located in the Westbury area near the intersection of South Post Oak Road and South Main Street, is a 290-acre development that offers Houstonian recreational opportunities as well as relief from flooding concerns. The expanses around the ponds are designated for wildlife conservation and passive recreation, and include walking trails and gazebos. Native plants are being nurtured on the site and additional trees will be planted as ongoing construction projects are finished.

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Terry hershey      1923 - 20`7

Terry hershey      1923 - 20`7

Prominent Houston Environmentalist Dies

Terry Hershey passed away January 19, at the age of 94. She is most well-known as the force behind the movement to halt the planned straightening of Buffalo Bayou for flood control in the 1960s. The Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy (WWGC) joins countless others  in mourning the loss of a beloved  member of our community. Terry's accomplishments and impact on parks and open spaces in Houston are legendary.

Howard Sacks, WWGC Past-President added: "We're grateful for the support provided by Terry and The Hershey Foundation. During our formative years, they generously  awarded us several grants which were critical to sustain and grow our efforts."

For more information on Terry Hershey:  www.chron.com/


New Sign Erected at Triangle Lake

This is the new sign placed at the tip of Triangle Lake (the fork in the road at Gasmer/South Willow). You can also see the new trail on the right hand side along the bank of the lake. These improvements were a result of a grant received in 2013 from the Coastal Impact Assistance Program. The Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy and Houston Parks and Recreation Department were awarded the grant based on conservation and educational programs at the Greenway.


Over 4,000 Trees Planted

From October 2016 through March 2017, the Flood Control District planted approximately 4,445 native trees at Willow Waterhole Stormwater Detention Basin.


Robert J. Schwartz

March 23, 1929-November 19, 2016


Pier Project

The Student Council at Westbury High School has been awarded a Youth Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD) grant of $20,000 from Cheniere Energy.